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The popular drug Abilify could cause some very bad side effects

Millions of Americans struggle with depression and either take medication or go to therapy as a result. There is a broad range of antidepressants on the market, ranging from standard prescription medications to derivatives of ketamine for those with intractable depression.

While there is no shame in seeking the treatment that you need to address your mental health concerns, you need to be an informed consumer or risk serious damage. One antidepressant medication, recently touted as an ideal solution for those not getting the effects they need from standard antidepressants, has been correlated with severe negative side effects.

Social isolation in nursing homes must be addressed swiftly

Many people think of nursing homes as communities that enable the residents to interact. What some might not realize is that there are often challenges that make this difficult. Nursing facilities should have protocol to help ensure that the residents have the socialization they need.

When residents don't have the proper social interactions, they can suffer from depression. Some may have a worsening mental health status. These issues can lead to very serious impacts on the resident's life.

Tips for interacting with drunk drivers

California motorists hope that they don't have to encounter a drunk driver. However, it is important to know what to do when in close proximity to one. The signs of impaired driving include braking for no reason, failing to stop at traffic lights or signs and driving in the center of the road. Those who are impaired may also drive on the wrong side of the road.

Those who see a drunk driver should call 911 immediately and provide as many details about the encounter as possible. For example, it is a good idea to provide the location where the call is being made as well as the make and model of the car being operated by an impaired individual. It is not a good idea to follow too closely behind a vehicle being driven erratically.

Subtle versus overt discrimination: Recognize it in the workplace

In the workplace, there can be subtle signs of discrimination that are mixed in with more obvious cases of discrimination. For example, you might hear your boss say they don't want to hire a woman because women are less responsible than men. This is clearly discriminatory, but it's not as obvious as your boss saying it to you directly.

These comments are still discrimination regardless of how they're stated. Imagine if you were someone applying for that job. If you're female and competing against men for the position, the likelihood is that you won't be able to get the position due to the manager's or boss's prejudices.

Sexual harassment can come from someone of the same gender

A surprising number of people don't really understand sexual harassment. While the idea of sexual harassment has been discussed much more in the news and media in recent years, there is still widespread confusion about the topic. People in different work positions or of different genders have differing views on allegations of sexual harassment.

Many myths about sexual harassment in the workplace are persistent and hard to resolve. One such myth is that sexual harassment always involves employees of opposite genders. A variation on that idea is the concept that sexual harassment in the same gender can only occur when one or both individuals is homosexual or bisexual.

Car accident liability and damages

Many drivers in California will be involved in an accident at some point during their lives. Crashes can be costly, especially if the collision results in injuries requiring extensive medical treatment. Before making a claim for damages related to a car accident, it's important to understand how fault and the extent of damages are determined.

The first action anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident should take is to tend to any emergencies. If a vehicle is in a dangerous area, it should be moved to a safe location. Otherwise, it's best to leave vehicles where they are so that police can conduct their investigations.

Fall prevention measures must be in place in nursing homes

Nursing home residents face many risks. One is the risk of falling, which is often preventable. All skilled nursing facilities must have steps in place to prevent residents from falling. There isn't one specific plan that works for all cases. Instead, every individual has to have a customized plan that addresses their specific issues.

Some of the methods used in nursing facilities are present for all residents. These include having rugs secured on the floor, keeping floors neat, using no-slip strips on stairs and ramps, and having handrails around the facility.

Breastfeeding discrimination is common despite legal protections

In 2010, Congress amended the Fair Labor Standards Act to include workplace protections for breastfeeding mothers, and California law extends these protections. However, workers including farmers, registered nurses and kindergarten teachers are not covered by the federal law, and a recent study suggests that even breastfeeding mothers who are covered are routinely treated unfairly by both private and public sector employers. One of the cases reviewed by researchers involved a police officer who was denied a temporary desk assignment when she was unable to wear a protective vest.

After studying thee outcomes of breastfeeding discrimination lawsuits filed over the last 10 years, the researchers found that the employee involved lost their job about two-thirds of the time. The study suggests that the problem is especially pronounced in male-dominated industries. While only 16 percent of female workers are employed in such industries, they account for 43 percent of breastfeeding discrimination cases.

Did your doctor play a role in your opioid addiction?

One of the most significant advances of medical technology in the last two centuries has been the development of reliable, consistently dosed painkillers. For millennia, humans had to rely on alcohol or questionable herbal treatments to reduce and limit the experience of pain.

For those who suffer a traumatic injury, fight against debilitating disease or struggle with chronic pain, opioid and opiate painkillers often represent the only source of hope and physical comfort. Unfortunately, these medications carry with them both significant risk for addiction and the potential for fatal overdose. They also interact with many other medications and popular recreational substances, like alcohol.

Motorcycle crashes: 5 common factors to know

Motorcyclists have to make split-second decisions when they are out on the roads. While you can't plan for accidents, you can have an idea about what you will do if specific situations occur. In most instances, you will have to react quickly if you want to avoid an accident.

Some of the hazards you might face come from other drivers. Others are due to your own actions or the road conditions. In all of these cases, you might be able to prevent a crash or at least minimize the injuries you suffer.

  • Slippery roads: You should ensure that you have good tires. Even with the best tires, you should be cautious when you are riding over things like manhole covers. Oil slicks, which have a rainbow sheen, are also problematic.
  • Cars turning in front of you: The most common accident for motorcyclists is vehicles turning in front of them. Watch for signs that a car will do this. Most often, the wheels will give you the first indication. The direction of the driver's head can also indicate where they will drive. Be sure that you have an evasive route planned the entire time you are on the road.
  • Cars changing lanes: Sometimes, another vehicle will change lines right into you. All vehicles have blind spots in which the driver can't see. Beware of turn signals and whether a driver is checking their mirrors. Leaving yourself a way out in case this happens is always imperative.
  • Dooring: Cars opening their doors along the side of the road can spell disaster for motorcyclists. The area next to parked cars into which the doors reach is known as the death zone. Always leave plenty of room between yourself and those vehicles to avoid being doored.
  • Cars rear-ending you: "Fender benders" are the most common type of vehicle crashes, but these can be fatal for a person on a motorcycle. Try to set yourself in a crumple zone using other vehicles if possible. If there aren't any other vehicles that you can use to protect yourself, stop near the side of the lane instead of the middle, which gives space for vehicles that didn't pay attention to your stopping.
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