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Age discrimination in the workplace

Workplace age discrimination has been prohibited by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or ADEA, since 1967. Age discrimination is still common in California and in other states, unfortunately.

An AARP study found that three out of five workers aged 45 and older had experienced or witnessed age discrimination. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, has taken recent measures to send a message that unlawful age discrimination is unacceptable even if it is common.

Safety tips for bicycle commuters: Don't forget these

If you live and/or work in San Francisco, you may come to find that a bicycle is the most efficient mode of transportation. Not only does it help you avoid traffic, but it can save you money as well.

The biggest concern among bicycle commuters is being part of an accident. Since you don't have much protection, you understand that a run-in with a motor vehicle can cause serious injury or even death.

Follow these fall motorcycle riding tips

Motorcycle safety has to remain a priority all year long. Each season comes with its own challenges for riders. As the weather turns cooler, motorcyclists must ensure that they are ready to remain as safe as possible.

These tips can help now that the nights are turning cooler and are also useful during the winter months.

Retaliation for a discrimination complaint is illegal

Workers deserve a workplace that doesn't involve any type of harassment or discrimination. When either of these actions are present, it is said to be a hostile work environment. This can make the worker miserable and might mean they can't do their job appropriately.

Victims of harassment or discrimination should be able to bring these concerns to their employer without fear of what going to happen to them. As long as the complaint is factual, there must not be any adverse employment actions taken against the complainant.

Reducing traffic injury risks with rural roundabouts

Busy interactions in rural parts of California are sometimes managed with stop signs. In one area like this, a fatal accident motivated officials to clear away excess growth and post signs telling drivers about the upcoming stop sign. Unfortunately, it's a step that didn't prevent a pair of additional accidents from occurring in the same spot. It was ultimately the decision to replace stop signs at the intersection with a rural roundabout, which forces traffic to flow around an island in one direction, that made a noticeable difference.

Traffic lights can reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents, but accidents that do occur are more likely to be serious. With roundabouts, injuries are often minor and fatal injuries are less likely to occur. This is because the design of a roundabout eliminates the need for a driver to try and figure out if they have time to get through an intersection. Drivers simply have to look to their left to see if they're good to go.

Motorcycle riders must take special caution to avoid an accident

As a motorcycle rider, you know that you're in a unique position. Although it's great fun to enjoy the wind in your face as you make your way down the road, an accident can happen in an instant.

You must take special caution to avoid an accident, as neglecting to do so puts you in danger of serious injury or even death. Above all else, don't lose sight of the fact that other drivers are often the cause of a motorcycle accident. Even if you're doing everything right, such as following the rules of the road, another driver could make a mistake that causes a crash.

How premises liability law works

If a California homeowner hired an individual to perform work, he or she could be liable if that person is hurt. However, this assumes that the worker is not bonded or insured. It also assumes that the injury was caused by negligence on the part of the homeowner. A homeowner may be negligent if he or she didn't eliminate a dangerous condition or warn an individual of its presence.

The law does state that if a danger is seen by a worker or another person on the property, it is that person's responsibility to avoid it. Property owners are also not responsible for any dangerous conditions that are the result of a worker's actions. For instance, the improper use of a ladder is not something a property owner would likely be liable for. The same could be true if a worker used a ladder without any guidance or input from the homeowner.

Many kinds of valsartan recalled over carcinogen contamination

When you receive a prescription from your doctor, you take it because you want to improve your health, not increase your medical risk. Sadly, not all medications are safe. Sometimes, pharmaceutical companies don't test for long enough to learn the long-term results of the drug. Other times, mistakes in the manufacturing process can result in deadly or severe consequences.

The most recent drug recall highlights the potential dangers of manufacturing shortcuts and failure to properly test medications before shipping them to pharmacies. The popular blood pressure medication valsartan is currently under recall here in the United States and across most developed nations due to a serious chemical contamination. That contamination could leave patients at increased risk of developing cancer in the future.

8 types of nursing home abuse and their negative results

Nursing home residents are usually well taken care of, but in some circumstances, nursing home residents get neglected and abused. When this happens, dire physical and health consequences result.

Here are some examples of nursing home abuse that only a certified nurse who cares for long-term care residents might recognize. Nevertheless, they can lead to a variety of serious health problems:

Teen drivers become less safe after obtaining their licenses

In July, the National Institutes for Health published the results of a study regarding the driving behaviors of teens before and after they obtain their licenses. Teen drivers in California, as well as their parents, may be surprised to learn about the conclusions. It turns out that teens are eight times more likely to be in a crash during the first three months of driving alone than in the three months preceding it.

This could reflect the need for a smoother transition from driving with parental supervision to driving alone. Researchers claim that there are certain driving skills that teens cannot develop when parents are present in the car. They also call for a better understanding of how teens learn safe driving skills without supervision.

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