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Compulsive gambling sometimes caused by Abilify

Some patients who have been taking Abilify for a mental or mood disorder have to worry about a new troublesome behavior: compulsive gambling. Other forms of compulsive behaviors, such as eating or shopping, are also possible on this drug. Because of the severity of this side effect, it is imperative that doctors carefully consider this risk and weigh it against the benefits of the drug.

The risk is recognized by the United States Food and Drug Administration. In 2016, it issued a warning about these behaviors in people who are taking this brand name drug, or any others that contain aripiprazole.

New study shows how distracting dashboard gadgets can be

Infotainment systems are a relatively new technology on vehicles, but drivers in California should be aware of their dangers. A AAA study, which was conducted by researchers at the University of Utah, shows that the various features on infotainment systems are often irrelevant to driving and can only increase drivers' inattention.

The study focused on 30 systems on new 2017 vehicles. Seven were classified as having a moderate demand on one's attention, 11 a high level and 12 a very high amount. Participants in the study, who were asked to use each feature while behind the wheel, engaged in unsafe maneuvers like swerving out of their lanes, ignoring stop signs and driving well under the posted speed limit.

Financial abuse of nursing home residents must be stopped

Residents of nursing homes shouldn't have to worry about the employees of the facility doing them harm. However, there are many who have to deal with this exact issue. While it might not occur at all nursing homes, anyone who has a loved one in a nursing facility should be aware of the possibility.

Some forms of nursing home abuse are easy to spot because they leave bruises. Others, such as financial abuse, might not be as easy to spot. Unfortunately, financial abuse is a very serious matter that must be watched for.

Medical negligence might contribute to an opioid addiction

Patient pain control is a priority for many practitioners. Unfortunately, this can lead to the medical professional offering drugs that have addictive properties. One class of drugs that fall into this category is opioid medications.

There is a fine line that doctors have to find when they are considering prescribing pain medications that are addictive. They need to provide enough to help the patient, but not so much that the person becomes dependent. As difficult as this might be, there are ways that this can be done.

6 tips to remember when you are out on your motorcycle

Motorcycle safety is a priority for anyone who heads out on one of these bikes. Whether you are a new rider or have been riding for years, taking a few minutes to brush up on some safety tips can help you make it to your destination.

Just remember as you ride that your safety depends, in part, on the other drivers on the road. You should always be vigilant. On top of that, you should remember these points.

Preventing and dealing with road rage

Defusing road rage is often very important when driving on the roads of California. The following are just a few tips that all motorists should remember. When cut off by others, drivers must remain calm. There are various ways of doing this, such as listening to music (which is proven to relieve stress) and reasoning with one's self that being angry will not make one get home sooner.

At the very least, there are good health reasons for not getting angry behind the wheel. For example, tightly gripping the steering wheel constricts blood flow and causes headaches. Being cut off is not the only situation where restraint is necessary; drivers should also learn to let go of parking spaces when they are stolen.

What are the dangers of the diabetes drug Invokana?

It's bad enough to suffer from diabetes, but what if the medication your doctor prescribes you to overcome the symptoms of diabetes makes you even sicker? That's what could happen with the dangerous drug Invokana. According to information from two clinical trials, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), determined that Invokana -- also known as canagliflozin, Invokamet and Invokamet XR -- increases the chances that diabetes patients will need to have foot or leg amputations.

The drug, used to treat type 2 diabetes, is so dangerous that the FDA has asked patients who are taking the medication to notify their doctors in the event that they develop infections, ulcers or sores in their feet or legs. The FDA also asked patients to notify their medical providers of any concerns they may have about taking the medication, and that they should not simply stop taking the drug without first discussing the matter with their doctors.

Women and men view sexual harassment differently

For male and female workers in California, the experience and interpretation of sexual harassment in the workplace can often differ substantially. While this may seem to be true from a common-sense perspective, this belief is backed up by the results of the American Family Survey. The nationwide poll included questions about public policy, marriage and children. It also had a number of questions asking about whether certain types of behaviors on the job should be labeled harassment.

According to researchers, responses indicated that women were more likely than men to identify certain activities as forms of sexual harassment. These gaps may also reflect the disparate experiences of men and women. While around 28 percent of men said that they experienced inappropriate advances or conduct, 60 percent of women said the same. Women were also more likely to report unwanted sexual behavior specifically in the workplace.

Protect your loved one by staying alert for elder abuse

When it comes time to place a parent in a San Francisco nursing facility, it is often a difficult decision. You will probably worry about the psychological effects of moving your parent from their home, whether your mother or father will be comfortable, and even if there is enough money to pay for a quality facility. In addition, you will more than likely worry about the quality of care your parent will receive in a nursing home.

Unfortunately, elder abuse is not an uncommon occurrence in nursing facilities. In fact, it also happens in situations where the elderly individual receives care from a relative, private caregiver or another trusted person. Whether you have decided to place your loved in a nursing facility or bring in a private caregiver, it is important to stay alert for the following signs of elder abuse.

Class action case against KPMG moving forward

A class-action lawsuit against KPMG has more than 1,100 plaintiffs who allege sexual harassment during their employment at the Big Four accounting firm. The case was originally filed in 2011, but it has grown as more plaintiffs have joined; it was granted class-action status on a conditional basis in 2014 based on claims made under the Equal Pay Act. Employees in California might be interested in the case as it raises workplace harassment issues that resonate with many workers in the U.S.

The lead attorney on the case said KPMG discriminates against female employees in regard to promotions/pay and has a culture that does not address this discriminatory behavior. The plaintiffs are seeking final certification under the Equal Pay Act along with class certification of the claims made under Title VII.

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