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Motorcycle accidents are often the other driver's fault

Motorcycle riders face risks each time they get out on the roads. They shouldn't have to worry about extra hazards due to other motorists refusing to follow traffic laws. Unfortunately, some motorists tend to think that they don't have to give motorcycles the same respect they do other vehicles.

There is never a good reason for motorists to put these bikers at risk. For some bikers who are struck by another driver, a long road to recovery is possible.

Serious injuries are likely

The injuries that motorcyclists can face when they are in a crash are serious. They will likely be thrown off the motorcycle, which means they have the possibility of being injured in the impact and when they hit the ground. There is a chance the motorcycle will fall on top of them, which can also cause issues.

There is no protective barrier between the motorcyclist and the other vehicle. This means the person's body is going to take the brunt of the impact unless the other car hits the bike directly while missing the rider. Injuries like broken bones, brain or spinal cord damage, road rash, lacerations and others are all possible.

Troubling statistics

Some people think that motorcyclists are the unsafe drivers on the road, but this isn't the case. Bikers are usually very safe operators who want to make it home without any problems.

When another vehicle is involved in an accident with a motorcycle, there is a good chance that the other driver caused it. Motorists failing to respect the motorcycle's right of way is the cause of two-thirds of these crashes.

The fatality rate of people in automobile crashes has declined since 1999, but this isn't the case for motorcycles. Since that year, the rate of fatal motorcycle crashes has more than doubled.

Motorcyclists involved in a wreck are around five times more likely to be injured than a person who is riding in a vehicle. They are 26 times more likely to die in a crash than someone in a passenger automobile.

Reacting to a wreck

You will almost certainly need medical care if you are involved in a wreck on your motorcycle. As you are discussing the crash with anyone who needs information, don't say anything that will cause them to think you are saying it was your fault. This can help if you choose to seek compensation for the financial damages you suffered in the crash.

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