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6 tips to remember when you are out on your motorcycle

Motorcycle safety is a priority for anyone who heads out on one of these bikes. Whether you are a new rider or have been riding for years, taking a few minutes to brush up on some safety tips can help you make it to your destination.

Just remember as you ride that your safety depends, in part, on the other drivers on the road. You should always be vigilant. On top of that, you should remember these points.

  • Make sure you are rested before your ride. Don't try to go out if you are tired. Plan to stop every 75 to 125 miles to stretch and give your body and brain a break. If you aren't a seasoned rider, you might need to stop more often. Just pay attention to how you feel and adjust your plans accordingly.
  • Ride with people you trust. Riding in a pack is fun, but you face the risk of being in an accident if someone isn't following proper safety procedures. At a minimum, make sure the people you are with aren't impaired and that they know how to operate their motorcycle.
  • Leave yourself an escape route. You never know when you will need to take evasive action. By giving yourself room and being ready to react, you might be able to prevent an accident.
  • Wear bright colors. You might be tempted to grab black and brown since they won't show dirt easily. However, this makes it far too easy for you to blend in with your surroundings. Instead, choose brightly colored clothing and accessories that make it easier for others to see you.
  • Follow your own pace. Don't be tempted to speed or drive faster than what you are comfortable with just because others who are with you are doing that. You are at a risk of losing control if you are driving too fast.
  • Use caution around semitrucks. These vehicles have large blind spots in which they can't see you. Try not to ride in these. If you can't see the driver in their mirror, they can't see you. Another thing to remember is that big rigs cause wind turbulence that can make you lose control. Additionally, they obstruct the line of sight for other vehicles.

If you are involved in a crash on your motorcycle, you may need medical care. Make sure that you have photo identification and insurance information in an easily accessible place. If the wreck was another driver's fault, you might be in for a battle to claim the compensation you need.

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