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January 2019 Archives

Motorcycle crashes: 5 common factors to know

Motorcyclists have to make split-second decisions when they are out on the roads. While you can't plan for accidents, you can have an idea about what you will do if specific situations occur. In most instances, you will have to react quickly if you want to avoid an accident.

Age discrimination can contribute to a difficult retirement

For many California workers over 40, age discrimination continues to be a significant concern on the job. Even as medical advances are enabling people to live longer, healthier lives, older workers may face challenges when seeking promotions or looking for new employment. This trend continues to be a problem despite the aging population. While only 12 percent of the population was over 65 in 2000, that number is expected to climb to 22 percent by 2050. The changing demographics are accompanied by an escalating retirement age and growing needs for financial support.

Compulsive gambling sometimes caused by Abilify

Some patients who have been taking Abilify for a mental or mood disorder have to worry about a new troublesome behavior: compulsive gambling. Other forms of compulsive behaviors, such as eating or shopping, are also possible on this drug. Because of the severity of this side effect, it is imperative that doctors carefully consider this risk and weigh it against the benefits of the drug.

New study shows how distracting dashboard gadgets can be

Infotainment systems are a relatively new technology on vehicles, but drivers in California should be aware of their dangers. A AAA study, which was conducted by researchers at the University of Utah, shows that the various features on infotainment systems are often irrelevant to driving and can only increase drivers' inattention.

Financial abuse of nursing home residents must be stopped

Residents of nursing homes shouldn't have to worry about the employees of the facility doing them harm. However, there are many who have to deal with this exact issue. While it might not occur at all nursing homes, anyone who has a loved one in a nursing facility should be aware of the possibility.

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