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April 2019 Archives

Areas of the body likely to be impacted in a motorcycle wreck

Motorcyclists face the risk of injury if they are involved in an accident. They know that they need to wear a helmet to protect the head and that other safety gear can help them to have a safe ride. What many don't realize is that there is no area of the body that isn't at risk when they are on the motorcycle.

A new bill may help stop age discrimination

Seniors throughout California and the rest of America are working more into their golden years than in the past. Many are delaying Social Security benefits to achieve higher monthly checks than they would at 62 or 65. According to some statistics, seniors are the largest growing segment of workers. But as they work longer into their lives, seniors are also the victims of age discrimination.

Rights of pregnant or breastfeeding women in the workplace

Gender discrimination means that a person is being treated differently based on whether they are male, female or any other gender. For some women, another form of discrimination is also possible – pregnancy discrimination. This can occur at any point in the hiring, employment or termination phase.

Distracted driving is hard to get past

Distracted driving is a habit that many people in California and elsewhere may engage in. Despite the dangers of doing so, employers may still demand that employees be connected at all times, which may make it hard to put down the phone. This was one of the takeaways from the 2019 Travelers Risk Index. The survey asked roughly 2,000 people to share their thoughts about distracted driving. Among those who took part, 44 percent said that texting or emailing was a common cause of distracted driving.

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