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Amazon accused of religious discrimination in federal complaint

Allegedly poor working conditions at Amazon warehouses and distribution centers in California and around the country have been a thorny public relations problem for the online retail giant, and a federal complaint filed on May 8 is likely to lead to yet more bad press for the company. The complaint was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission by the nonprofit group Muslim Advocacy on behalf of three unnamed women of Somali descent who work at an Amazon facility in Minnesota.

EEOC complaints about sexual harassment rise 13.6% in 1 year

The effects of the #MeToo movement appear to be motivating more victims to stand up for their workplace rights. Employers in California and across the country have been dealing with rising numbers of complaints about sexual harassment. In fiscal year 2018, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission processed 7,609 complaints about sexual harassment. This represented a 13.6% increase over the previous fiscal year.

A new bill may help stop age discrimination

Seniors throughout California and the rest of America are working more into their golden years than in the past. Many are delaying Social Security benefits to achieve higher monthly checks than they would at 62 or 65. According to some statistics, seniors are the largest growing segment of workers. But as they work longer into their lives, seniors are also the victims of age discrimination.

Diverse writers and workplace discrimination

Writers in California who work or want to work in the television industry may be interested in knowing that 64 percent of diverse writers in the industry have been victims of harassment, discrimination or bias, according to a new report. The same report states that some of the writers' experiences included having their pitches denied only to find that a non-diverse writer would offer the same proposal and would be accepted.

Breastfeeding discrimination is common despite legal protections

In 2010, Congress amended the Fair Labor Standards Act to include workplace protections for breastfeeding mothers, and California law extends these protections. However, workers including farmers, registered nurses and kindergarten teachers are not covered by the federal law, and a recent study suggests that even breastfeeding mothers who are covered are routinely treated unfairly by both private and public sector employers. One of the cases reviewed by researchers involved a police officer who was denied a temporary desk assignment when she was unable to wear a protective vest.

Age discrimination can contribute to a difficult retirement

For many California workers over 40, age discrimination continues to be a significant concern on the job. Even as medical advances are enabling people to live longer, healthier lives, older workers may face challenges when seeking promotions or looking for new employment. This trend continues to be a problem despite the aging population. While only 12 percent of the population was over 65 in 2000, that number is expected to climb to 22 percent by 2050. The changing demographics are accompanied by an escalating retirement age and growing needs for financial support.

Women and men view sexual harassment differently

For male and female workers in California, the experience and interpretation of sexual harassment in the workplace can often differ substantially. While this may seem to be true from a common-sense perspective, this belief is backed up by the results of the American Family Survey. The nationwide poll included questions about public policy, marriage and children. It also had a number of questions asking about whether certain types of behaviors on the job should be labeled harassment.

Class action case against KPMG moving forward

A class-action lawsuit against KPMG has more than 1,100 plaintiffs who allege sexual harassment during their employment at the Big Four accounting firm. The case was originally filed in 2011, but it has grown as more plaintiffs have joined; it was granted class-action status on a conditional basis in 2014 based on claims made under the Equal Pay Act. Employees in California might be interested in the case as it raises workplace harassment issues that resonate with many workers in the U.S.

Mental illness and discrimination at work

Almost one in every five adults in the United States experiences a form of mental illness in a given year, according to information from the National Alliance on Mental Health. Unfortunately, some of these individuals face discrimination from California employers.

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